Environmental Filtration, Inc. has your HVAC solution! EFI is an HVAC equipment manufacturers' representative.


At EFI, our value proposition is to offer quality HVAC products and services that will help our customers be green and save green money in the process. Our Sustainable Solutions Initiative is at the core of our strategy.


We know that our customers will make better purchasing decisions if they are informed, educated, and given the opportunity to learn. Watch videos, read articles, and use our interactive tools to learn more.


Unique in our industry, EFI’s Waste-to-Energy program offers alternative filter disposal solution to meet customers sustainability initiatives and green agendas. Reduce your Carbon Footprint, while creating energy for Northern California.


Customer Testimonials

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We were in a bind regarding HEPA filters that needed to be replaced within a day. I spoke with Jennifer at the office and she arranged to have Stacy bring the filters from the bay area. I can't even express how greatful we are for the wonderful service. Stacy delivered them to our hospital before our time to go home. Thank you so much ladies!–Sue from Davis, California

Valerie just wanted to let you know we got the filters Monday. We got them installed Tuesday. Everything is good. Keep us on file linked, to that filter number, and you've got a customer for life!–Gavino from Fresno, California

Thanks to you both for the presentation today. Everyone I spoke to agreed that it was informative and entertaining. Refreshing also that the specific topic was adhered to and I heard absolutely no (overt) manufacturer-specific bias. That almost never happens. When it does I tend to respect the manufacturer/rep more.–Bob, Customer

Thanks for all your help, customer service can't get better than this.–Lydia, Customer

The presentation that was presented provided my HVAC techs and myself with some valuable insight into understanding how the efficiency of HVAC filters are determined and how it ties together our overall energy use and cost requirements. My team and I have a better grasp on what constitutes a filter that will provide the best indoor air quality into our facilities. Your information on ASHRAE filter efficiency and MERV was eye opening. A filter is not just a filter, and the knoweldge provided was invaluable. Thanks.–Don, Customer

Please let your staff know that we really appreciate the extra effort coming in this morning. Just did not want it to go unrecognized or taken for granted...–Jason, Customer

... Thanks for all the help and always going the extra mile.–Charles, Customer

Thanks a lot, the EFI rep was very-very helpful with everything, real nice guy. I owe you dinner!–Rich, Customer

I appreciate you calling to make sure we were getting what wanted in our order. Valerie, Stacy, and Tony have been very helpful and instrumental in getting us the filters we need and in a very timely manner. Thank you for all of your help! –Patrick, Customer